The Phoenix EP

by Quinn Daniels




This is my free EP that I recorded in the summer of 2009. It is called "The Phoenix EP" because it was the first thing I did after the band I was once in, called PI, went on hiatus. And once we went separate ways, my little solo project "rose from the ashes as does a Phoenix!" It's a little cliche, but it'll work. I hope to have future recordings up here, maybe have better quality and even be signed! Who knows.


released 20 August 2009

All songs written and recorded by D. Quinn Daniels using a studio belonging to Paul Schroeder who mixed and mastered them.

All instruments done by Quinn Daniels except for flutes on "Song of Songs" which was done by Austin Kozlowski.




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Track Name: Feel
Falling through the cracks he
Thinks he's never had a feeling like this before
No where can it be stored
A feeling he can't afford

Skipping stones on the pond
He sees a girl that's beautiful in his lusting mind
He's curious to find
How she spends her nights

Does he feel anything at all?
Does it work out in the end at all?

And though it may seem he's met
the prettiest Blondest Brunette he's seen in his whole life
But does that make it alright?
To use her at night

He discards her once he's
Done with this product he's used for his sensual heart
While giving her his art
Of deceiving love

Does he feel anything at all?
Does it work out in the end at all?
Track Name: My Wife She's Gone
See my friends their bare feet in the tall grass
Pleading come along with us
Tired air blows across my face as
The very best of friends will pass

And the coldest storms in the smallest of towns
are all the same
And the hottest hours in the blistering sun
will still remain

Save me O LORD,
from lying lips and
deceitful tongues
and my wife she's gone,
I have no one left,
to call my babe
And seasons will pass,
The hours seem long, but the days so fast and
Her voice echoes,
These deafened ears
I hear my babe

Tender hands pick the strings of this guitar
Plucked but not yet played at all
Worn out notes fight through this old song
Dreamin of thy kingdom come

Unseen walls they block my vision
I don't see why they're there at all
I know my strength lies with this savior
I don't see now, but I hope I will

And to the hills of West Virginia
I moved my soul
And the breeze at night lives with the constellations
that know my babe
Track Name: Wide Awake
I'm wide awake I know
the moon's bright face, it will show

and falling asleep will be another
symptom of the ground
flying accompanied by
nothing but the sound of other wings

Another car ride home
some pleasant faces and some on the phone

I've been listening to the
countryside for miles
I know you're real angry but can you
fake it for awhile? so I can be at peace

Take away the nonsense of the world
It's trapped up, a visible disguise

No we can't live that long
Though it's a struggle please just sing your song

Immortality brings us more than
we could ever know
Living in make beleive will
never help us grow, it's why we fight
Track Name: Astounded
Contoured shapes in the stars,
Never drove so far away
Different people in this town,
We're lying on our backs so astounded

Feel like falling asleep,
This pillow for my head it's job will never cease
Feel's like I'm in a dream,
The fabric of this life's been sown from the seam

In this place, I think
Of dreams and fantasies, can you tell me what they mean?
I've a hard time, in reality
It's killing all, all of me
But certain truths bring me back,
You can too, it's fine with me

With Me
Track Name: Song of Songs
Let's put the issues to bed dear
The kids are all sleeping, they sleep near
They're dreaming of cowboys and the man in the moon
Of pirates and lightbeams, and cavemen too

Let's sleep outside and gaze
At the work of a hand that is truth

Let's be free from bodied forms
And we'll live under the stars
My body's eternally yours
Let's be young and dance til dawn

Our love is like fireflies
It glows with light
Poured out like sweet wine, out at night
With mhyrr as your perfume
How could I resist you

Your face is like Lebanon
Majestic and pure in form
I'm your rapunzel come down
My eyes are doves laced in sound

Days will pass by and go away
So let's escape here, some day
Track Name: Crescent Moon
Play me a song my dearest of children I,
want to hear your voice
Harps and guitars will be of assistance your,
Hands will flow like one

Summer's tears fall and the winter's a freezin' so,
Rest and come with me
Triumphs and trotten paths eclipse your future,
Rejoice my son you're free

I dream of green pastures with mountains and
Rolling hills and tires hung from trees
Cloudscapes and meadowlarks with
Passions of colors that caress the sea within

Please don't turn away it's the best part I've written
For you, and all you do, a feeling hard to solicit
A pile of rocks and ticking clocks are
All that's left when I'm finished
And some day when it's due, I'll see you past
the Crescent Moon